Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I bet that title made you curious! Haha!

A few weeks ago, Shad and I took Colby to the fire station in Center. He absolutely LOVED it thanks to the very friendly fireman that showed us around. Now everytime we pass the fire station, which is just about everyday, Colby says "there's the fire station!" as if it's the very first time he has ever seen it! Haha!

And night before last, I got out of the bathtub to find everyone in bed....asleep. Surprising huh? So instead of crawling in bed beside them, I find the camera and take pictures. Believe it or not, they ALL slept throught the multiple flashes! Then I removed the two boys and put them in their beds and crawled into bed myself...just to be awakened a few hours later by Eli. He will sleep ALL NIGHT in his car seat but only a couple of hours in his bed - go figure!

Aren't they all just so precious and innocent looking when they are asleep...even Shad! Haha!

And now on to surgery...a few weeks ago I had a bad report from an annual checkup. After biopsies, my doctor wanted to wait three months and check again. But the initial report was scary enough that I wanted to get a second opinion. So....instead of just a second opinion, I got a third, a fourth, and a fifth! Yeah, I would say that's a little much. But I really didn't go to FIVE different doctors. My aunt Kim, who is a nurse took my reports to three of the doctors that she works with and they ALL said the same thing. So I went to Shreveport to the doctor that delivered Colby and he agreed with the other three sooooooo I had four against one. So on Friday, February 27, I will go in and have a couple of minor day surgeries. If everything goes as planned I should be home that night. With that said, I would really appreciate your prayers. Specifically that after these surgeries, everything will be back to normal and that will be the end of it.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend! Shad and Colby are gonna be at the camphouse on the river with Papa or as Colby calls it, "the Deer Camp." And I will be scrapbooking! I am so excited about that considering Eli only has two pages in his scrapbook! But all of that is about to change, hopefully, if I am as productive as I plan on being!

Love you all,


P.S. A few of us ladies are about to start a Bible Study on Esther in March. Email me - - if you're interested in joining us! It's gonna be great!